“Future Self Proud” Method: How a university research Scientist has used his keen eye for talent to set up a recipe and propel millennials generation to success

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Agostino also known as “Ago” by the many people whose lives he has changed, is a university professor and an executive coach for millennials. He has been a professor since 2004, teaching Project Management and Informatics in two famous Italian universities. No wonder you will find him constantly traveling between Rome and Bari. The first encounter with Ago introduces him as an outgoing person, very enthusiastic about life and the future, and a man who has a passion for helping others. The last 10 years of his life have been rather entrepreneur-based, though he likes to refer to himself as a romantic entrepreneur. It is safe to say that he suffers from corporate romanticism. Agostino loves life and is always expectant of the good tidings that the future brings – a future he says should be built today. He actually has a motto, “Live like your future-self is watching you! Make him proud of you!” Ago has such an enchanting personality and positive energy that you want to really get to know him and what he does.


What’s His Life Like

Agostino’s idea of the world is a place where people wake up every single morning inspired to be better at everything they do. He dreams of a world where people live their present lives in such a way that their future selves will be proud of them. He wants to see people who are happy doing what they love best as an occupation and returning home with utmost fulfillment, looking forward to yet another fulfilling day. His vision was sparked off 20 years ago and he has since worked on what you and I would call: a remedy for the millennial generation – The Future Self Proud Method. Everything Ago does, whether it’s writing, speaking, teaching, is devoted to helping millennials build a private and professional life where they can achieve their best.


How He Does It

Agostino Marengo believes in the millennial generation. He refers to them as young entrepreneurs, businessmen, and students who are also the most important generation in the workplace. He empowers them and helps them define their mission, focus their goals, perfects their behavior as the most tech-friendly people responsible for making the world everyone is looking forward to living in. To do this, Ago has a small, dynamic, determined and resolute company that he says is more than just an online training platform.


Over the years, Ago has nurtured and helped develop various talents which include talents in marketing, sales, visionaries, humanists, cinephiles, screenwriters, nerds, software developers, gamers, designers of the virtual environment and many more.

He invented the FSP method through which he helps millennials set the parameters for hard work and a disciplined work ethic. Ago’s FSP method enables these young business minds to expand their attitude and positivity at work or in private life.


Agostino’s Legendary FSP Method

The FSP (Future Self Proud) Method is about designing and building yourself on new foundations that you can only find within yourself, refining your senses and looking for your passions, in a bid to discover the energy to reach your goals. According to Agostino, your future self will be proud of who you are today if you base your life on passions, goals, and energy.


Understanding the application of Agostino’s FSP method begins by picturing your future self interrogating your current self. Ago says he also applies this method every single day of his life. In his own words, he says, “Thinking about my future-self that looks at me is a constant of my day, it helps me to always act for the best and to make decisions dictated by common sense rather than by haste or desire. My future self helps me to be better.”

Agostino Marengo breaks down the FSP Method as A WAY OF LIFE IN SIX STEPS!

STEP 1 – BELIEVE in your possibilities

STEP 2 – CLOSE with your past

STEP 3 – INVENT yourself

STEP 4 – FIND your WHY

STEP 5 – PLAN your future


You and I know that the ultimate test for this method would be to measure it against what Agostino Marengo has achieved. So, the right question to ask right now is, “What has been the outcome of Agostino’s life having applied his FSP method every single day?”


Who is Agostino Marengo

Besides being a professor in two universities in Rome and Bari, Agostino is the owner of two companies. One of them is a $500,000 company. He is also the International Coordinator of a European Project called MHEI-ME on building a Master in Entrepreneurship for Millennials. Since 2005, he has been a coordinator of four TEMPUS European Projects on e-learning contents for graduate and postgraduate students. Ago is also a Digital training Consultant & Contractor, Instructional Designer, Project Manager, professions he has practiced for over 25 years. He is an International Partner at European and Arab Ministries and Universities on e-learning development projects. Agostino Marengo has also won 2 prestigious prizes: 2nd IEEE Best Paper Awards at The Fourth International Conference on e-learning “Best practices in management, design and development of e-courses: standards of excellence and creativity”– Manama, Bahrain and Special Mention by the Rector at Donetsk University in Ukraine “for a collaboration that will form the basis of future Distance Learning at Donetsk University”.

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