How Austin Created a Multiple 6 Figure Business by the Age of 22

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Imagine having a six-figure business by the age of 22, amazing, right? Well, this is what happened to Austin Dunham – A fitness enthusiast whose aim is to change the lives and body of people through offering bodyweight training, tutorials, and motivation. Austin offers tutorials on YouTube and other social media platforms including Facebook, and Instagram on Calisthenics. He also has his website; through which he also sells his signed products.


Education and family business background

Austin asserts that he got his motivation from his mother and sister Autumn. He also has a degree in Business Management and took a course in ROTC where he gained an interest in calisthenics at the age of 18 years old. Besides running some of the most successful tutorials, Austin has also managed to generate over 100k on a Kickstarter project he launched. Austin describes himself as a humble and driven guy who not only followed his passion but also expands the scope of calisthenics. He also adds that he is currently a motivator, inspires and changes people’s lives and provides them with a better lifestyle through calisthenics.


Apart from being a motivation in the fitness industry, Austin is also a successful entrepreneur. He says that besides motivating people to change their bodies by taking up fitness programs. He is a role model for many small entrepreneurs. According to him, starting a business is not as easy as people think, but it is what drives you that matters at the end of the day. He, therefore, encourages people not only to start small but also always to follow their path and passion.

Starting and managing multiple 6 figure business is not easy to maintain, and Austin approves of this fact. He, therefore, considers himself as a leader and a forward thinker. Since starting to pursue his business in the last four years, Austin strives to remain relevant and known for whatever he does best and values reputation.


What is Calisthenics?

Most people do not understand what calisthenics is. It is a form of gymnastic exercises that enhance body fitness through resistance training. In calisthenics, one people use their body weight both athletic ability and power and can be used to improve flexibility, strength, agility, and aerobic conditioning. There is no particular fitness that one takes part in when it comes to calisthenics; think of pushups, squats, crunches, broad jumps, lunges, and even handstands.


Calisthenics is a simplified way of getting fit without even visiting the gym and doing a number of things to either get fit or lose weight. With calisthenics, one only uses equipment such as dip stand, and push up bars to gain fitness. One does not have to go through a lot of equipment as in the case of what happens at locals gyms. Inferring from the above information, calisthenics does not require a lot of equipment and consequently not as expensive as gyms would be.

How Austin runs his Business

Austin gains his income through various channels including offering physical and virtual training. Austin has also learned the significance of online marketing. He uses YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and websites to generate income by offering training tutorials on them. Besides, he has also featured in various local university and town magazines for his work.



Making money or being a successful business person may not always be easy but that does not mean that you cannot always start your own and be successful. The best thing in establishing your brand and creating a successful business is to determine and having something that drives you. Besides, when you choose to do what you like, you will have the drive and motivation to do. Lastly, if you want to create multiple six-figure businesses, then you need to think more than one way of generating revenues.

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