How Christopher Senegal Turned His Railroad Experience into a Thriving Consulting Business

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In the fast-moving and changing world of business, only those who dare to take bold leaps survive. The story of Christopher Senegal is one filled with intrigue and the desire to go further and be better. Through careful calculation, observation and taking necessary action, Christopher is making the best of himself. After starting his railroad career, which was considered a great job for many, he chose to leave the comfort of a six-figure salary. Many of his peers thought he was making a horrible decision, but he is now doing business with his former employer. Chris has managed to turn his work experience into a thriving consulting company.


Who is Christopher Senegal?

Having had a net-worth of $1 million between businesses and real estate by age 29, Christopher Senegal is an example of what most of us endeavor to become. He has recently helped a client complete phase 1 of a $30 Million terminal in Lake Charles, LA, where one of the railroads he worked for is now a customer. Three years ago, Christopher left his corporate job and has since doubled his railroad industry income to $250,000 a year while working only 20 hours or less a week and by utilizing the same knowledge and network he gained from his previous working experience. Today, he is a full-time consultant with, railcar storage owners, railroad shippers, receivers, and service providers. Christopher is also the owner of Invictus Properties & Holdings, a real estate holding company specializing in distressed assets in areas primed for revitalization.


How does he do it?

Chris uses his 16 years of experience in the railroad industry to his advantage. Unlike most consultants in the industry, he has experience in all three major railroad roles: engineering, operations, and business development/sales. Having already made relationships with railcar shippers and major players at the railroads, he is able to point out lucrative business opportunities and provide cutting edge solutions. Chris creates business for companies in the railcar industry including storage, service, and maintenance. In return, he pockets commissions from every deal for the entire term of the contract, of which, several are multi-year deals. Chris has a keen eye on everything that goes on around him and as such, he knows where third-party facilities are needed and brings terminal developers and operators together with the companies that need to use the railroad terminals for their railcars.


Here is a typical scenario of what Christopher does: In 2015, Chris identifies an untapped rail market in Lake Charles, LA. He also finds out that the area has eight major refineries but no local railcar service/storage terminals. Seizing this opportunity, Chris joins forces with a former customer, now a partner. Together, they secure a developer who also owns and operates several big rail terminals, then they secured the anchor customer, while also leveraging all their established local government connections. Three years later the terminal began operations and the first phase is already full of customers. Did you catch that one of the customers is actually his former employer? How sweet is that?

Christopher Senegal Today

His passion and enthusiasm for what the future holds is unstoppable, and judging from what he is currently up to, we can comfortably say he is the face of the next generation of multi-million investors in America. Chris is working on a $4 Million residential development project, an investment that portrays his business wit and ingenuity. It all started in 2013 when he speculated redevelopment coming to an area in Houston in the next 5-6 years. He bought a block in 2013 through owner financing for $400,000. For the first three years of owning the property, Chris salvaged what was left of a grocery store and provided single room occupancy parolee housing on the property. In 2017, he had the block demolished and invested $400,000 of his own money and $250,000 of investor funds into the planning and completion of phase one of the project. The total project expense is $2 Million for two phases, which is projected to gross a whopping $4 Million.


What the future looks like for Christopher

The future is bright for Christopher. Christopher Senegal is building himself to be an inspiration to young and developing business minds that want to venture into the uncertain yet promising world of investment freedom. He stands out as an entrepreneur that left corporate America to build a real estate development business and scale a business development company that focuses on rail terminals serving the petrochemical and plastics industries. Two completely separate sectors that are anchors to the US economy – Housing and Industrial Supply Chain. Having achieved so much in such a short span in his life, Chris points out that the journey has not been without its fair share of challenges. Nevertheless, he is positive that there is always a way through the storm.


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