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How Kayvon Co-Founded and Built a $10M Business in Less than 365 Days

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When starting a business, not many people expect that their business will be worth over $10 million just 1 year after starting. Most businesses never even get to that mark throughout their entire life. But, this is what exactly happened to Kayvon Kay, a renowned salesman and closer who works with coaches, service providers and consultants to help them close high ticket offers within just one phone call. Kayvon Kay co-founded his sales consultancy business and within one year, his company was worth over $10 million, and he was providing his services to high profile individuals and big companies. In order to get to the top, Kayvon’s journey was not easy and he had to carefully plan it and put in a lot of hard work.


Kayvons Blueprint for Success

1. He stopped focusing on negative energy: Kayvon was born and raised in a steel town in Canada where most of the population worked in the local steel plant. Unfortunately, Kayvon was not good at school and he always failed most classes. Instead of helping him, his teachers used to tell him that he was not smart enough to have a professional job and that he would end up doing a factory job. Kayvon almost gave up but deep down he knew he had to be good at something, so he decided to block out all the negative energy and focus on finding what he was good at. That’s how Kayvon stumbled upon his natural gift of sales.


2. Find something you like and are naturally good at: The best way to make money is by doing something you love that you find easy to do. If it’s easy for you, you will be good at it which puts you in a better position to make something out of it. Kayvon chose sales because he had a natural talent for it. All his life, Kayvon had found it easy convincing people to do things, including making purchase decisions.

3. Perfect your skills before going into business: If you are going to be offering a service, you need to ensure that you are an expert at it especially if you want to establish yourself as the market leader. Most people can easily tell between who’s real and who’s faking it and it affects their purchase decisions. Before starting his company, Kayvon wanted to get as much training and experience as possible. He got his first sales job at his uncle’s furniture store where he honed his skills. His job was to convince people to purchase furniture and he learned some important lessons that would guide him throughout his sales career. After that, Kayvon worked at other sales jobs with real estate agents and mortgage brokers and continued to sharpen his skills. Kayvon then joined the corporate world and got a salesman job at one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. This was a new challenge for him, but he conquered it and rose to become the top sales representative in the country for the company. By the time he was 31, Kayvon had learned all he needed to about sales and was ready to start his own business.


4. When you are ready to start, put all your time and effort into your business: While working at the pharmaceutical company, Kayvon was earning about $250,000 per year which was great. He tried to pursue some entrepreneurial endeavours while still at the pharmaceutical company but failed. He knew that if he wanted to start his own business, he had to quit his well paying job and work on the business.

5. Choose your business partner wisely: If you are going into business with a partner, you must ensure he or she is the right fit for you or else you will run into problems later. A good partner is one who adds value to your business and one you get along with. Kayvon was very cautious when choosing a business partner. Luckily, he found the perfect partner. Kayvon’s strength was sales while his partner’s strength was marketing. Together, they created a sales and marketing force to reckon with and within 8 months after starting the company, they already had 3,000 students and several high profile clients.


Kayvon’s company is still the market leader and still growing at a fast rate. One of the key lessons Kayvon learned while building his company is that when you are congruent with the things you do and who you are, the world will see it, feel it, and connect with it.

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