How Michelangelo Has Gone from Bartender to Taking Photos of Italy’s Most Inspiring Fashion Bloggers

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Have you ever wondered how great people come into being? Well, I used to, until I started meeting people like Michelangelo Azzariti. People who refuse to be held back by what the world thinks or sees them as, and instead, decide to follow their dreams no matter what. Michelangelo’s journey of life began with long working hours serving drinks and wiping tables in some hotels tucked deep in the mountainous region of Alta Badia, Italy. The highest rank he ever achieved working for hotels was being a communication and social management personnel. But all that changed in a single day.


How Michelangelo’s Fortunes Changed In a Day!

Besides being a bartender, Michelangelo has a penchant for photography. He also loves traveling to new destinations all over the world. His Instagram page is full of breathtaking pictures he takes whenever he is not at work or is on one of his occasional trips. One day, he received a message from an unlikely visitor to his page. It was from one of the biggest names in the Italian Fashion industry. The famous Italian fashion blogger, Giulia Gaudino (@giuliagaudino) was interested in Michelangelo’s talent as a photographer, so she requested some photos of Alta Badia in the Dolomites of Northern Italy. She was planning to travel to the UNESCO world heritage site and so she needed current photos of the place. When she and her boyfriend Frank Gallucci (@frankgallucci) finally made the trip, she contracted Michelangelo to take some photos of their stay there. The photos would later receive more than 30,000 likes on her Instagram verified account. This became Michelangelo Azzariti’s big break. Big names in Italian Fashion, as well as the lucrative tourism industry, began noticing his work.


What He Does Now

Today, Michelangelo is a photographer sought after by Italy’s most inspiring fashion bloggers – all from posting regular pictures out of his hobby. Today, @Miky_ph has over 54,000 followers on Instagram, a big portion of who like his amazing pictures of destinations around the world. The online community knows him as a travel blogger. Asked of what makes him irresistible among his fans, he says it is due to the “empathic component, and the strong aesthetic sense that characterizes each of my shots.” He works with some travel websites as a travel editor and influencer for various brands and hotels. He, however, says that he has had to “cultivate his passion for photography, to the point of turning it into a work opportunity”. Seeing that he opened his Instagram account way back in 2013, you immediately understand what he means when he says he has had to “cultivate” his passion. His style is to travel blogging on Instagram using a reportage style to share his posts.


Michelangelo’s Dream

After graduating from a Technical Institute for Tourism Services, Michelangelo Azzariti’s dream of traveling the world and making money out of it was so alive. He started off doing what he calls “common jobs” as a bartender but this did not put out the passion for photography that he had in him. Years later, he is gradually evolving into the best version of himself. He says he wants to pursue his dream to travel the world and turn his hobby into a money-making venture. By being a travel influencer, he will be in a position to market brands everywhere he goes. Michelangelo is working towards expanding his collaborations with jewelry companies especially those dealing with watches and bracelets. He also points out the possibility of writing for high authority publications on topics related to advising and suggestions on the destinations he has already been to. The future holds even better opportunities for this travel blogger as he says that his work has been noticed by huge tourism agencies within Italy.


The story of Michelangelo Azzariti should encourage you to go after your dreams. If there is something you really want to do, do not let anything stand in your way. Be fearless in your pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. Can you relate to Michelangelo’s story? Then what are you waiting for? This is your big break! Stop waiting for someone to notice you, and instead take the bold step and venture into the unknown. You can change the rest of your life just by the click of the correct key/button.

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